Upcoming Start Dates

Summer 2019!

MUSIC PUPS - Registration Open for 7 Week Music Pups Session. Classes begin the week of June 15th 2019.

Summer 7 week session: Music Pups classes.

Summer Sunrise 1 - Tuesday 11:15am begins June 18.

Summer Camps - 5 days m - f: Each day includes instrument learning time, crafts, games, Music learning activities. Daily meeting is between 11/2 to 3 hours.

Keyboard Camp - Dreary the Dragon I -(A good match for beginners or children in the first year or 2 of piano lessons)

Dreary the Dragon I - for beginner keyboarding, ages 6 to 12. Come to the Kingdom and find out why our Dragon is Dreary.

Dreary the Dragon I - July 8-9-10-11-12 at 1pm to 3pm.

Mouse & Bear Piano Camp - August 5-6-7-8-9 1pm to 2:15 ages 4-6.

Join Mouse and Bear and their friends as they venture out of the toy room and discover the family’s music room and the Magical Music Book!

FALL MUSIC PUPS BEGINS AUGUST 24th 2019. The Lion Collection! We are beginning our 7th year teaching the Music Pups Classes - WOW!!

 FALL 2019!

Conservatory classes begin September.  Early Registration open for level one in Sunshine or Sunbeams. These are 9 month courses per level, meeting 1 time per week.

Sunshine 1 - Tue 5pm, Wed 1pm, Thur 1pm Sunshine 2 - Sat 10:15am

Sunbeams 1 - Tue 6pm, Sat 11:15 Sunbeams 2 - Monday 5pm

Music Pups. EARLY START AUG 24th. Registration Opens July 13th for all new Fall Music Pups students.  Current Summer students have an early registration option.

Seven Sections available: Monday 9:15 and 10:15; Tuesday 9:15; Thursday 9:15 and 6:00pm; Saturday 9:15; Sunday 4:15pm

Sunrise classes - Monday 11:15; Thursday 10:15am; Sunday 4:15pm; Sunrise 2 Tuesday 11:15am

Mouse-n-Bear Book 1 - Thursday 4pm Mouse-n-Bear Bk 2

Kids At the Ukulele Book 1 - Monday 4pm

Kids At the Keys Book 1 - Tuesday 4pm

NEW - Kids Bucket Drumming Plus! - Sunday 2:15pm

Adults & Teens At the Guitar - Monday 6pm

Adults At the Keys - Thursday 7pm