Summer Camps 2018

We are Very excited to be able to have Music Summer Camps this year. You'll see below camps for children and youth from 4 years to mid teens. The younger students have enrichment/beginner piano camps with Dreary the Dragon or Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear.  A composition enrichment camp for students who play some scales and chords and can play a simple melody in one hand on a piano.  A Drumming Camp where we will make some great Yucky Trash rhythms.  Piano camps in our Recreation Style format with many added activities for camp.  All camps run 2 hours a day for 5 days in a row and end the week with the last hour for a time for family and friends to come and hear the weeks accomplishments! 

Oh... did we forget to mention it's a Pizza Party closing performance!


Trash drumming camp & Keys Camp

Trash Drumming Camp

Campers will use drum sticks and mallets to play on trash cans and large buckets. We will decorate our sticks and mallets and construct additional rhythm instruments from 'trash'.  Campers keep the decorated sticks and the instruments they make. This camp will run for 2 age groups 9 to 12 and 12 to 16+.

Campers will learn basic rhythm patterns in different meters, create rhythm ensembles with the studio's large collection of rhythm instruments, and be ready to perform an energetic drumming ensemble at the closing Pizza Party.  Family and friends are welcome at the closing Pizza Party.

When you register you will receive a list of "trash" items that may be around your home.  Campers should look for items on or like the list to bring for instrument construction materials to share with the other campers. Assembly and decoration materials provided.

Keys Camp

Campers will have fun in this popular styles keyboard camp.  We will cover the basics of keyboard/piano technique, go over the basics of reading the music language, learn how to play from lead sheets, and chord sheets. Great preparation for doing a "garage band" with friends. This camp will run for 2 age group 7 to 12 and 12 to 16+.

Camp will have a variety of activities with the majority at the keyboards. Our keyboard materials come with very engaging recordings to be used as accompaniment tracks for learning and performance. Other activities include circle rhythm challenge games, lite snack, drumming, and additional related craft or game.


composition camp

The main component of this camp is to assist the camper in getting their musical ideas on paper in some form. If a camper is working with composing software that is great.  The camper with a tablet/laptop will need to already know how to use the basic writing tools of their software or use At Home Time to become more fluid in their use. In this case we will default to paper for the interim. 

We will begin with a few assigned  pitches and walk campers through ways to get it on paper and ways to grow the small idea into a bigger piece of music. We go over ways to get inspiration for words and melodies and assign or help each camper build some lyric to a melody.   Then we turn it over to the camper and assist them through helping as much or as little as needed.  Our primary goal is to have each camper begin a composition note book. secondarily we work to get at least one composition captured with its' beginning, middle, and ending.

The campers' age is not primary to attend but knowledge of Key and Chord is needed. This composition enrichment camp is open to campers who play some scales and chords and can play a simple melody in the right hand on a piano.  We recommend 5th grade and up but a piano student who understands the degrees of the scale with its chords is ready.

At our closing Pizza Party campers may perform their compositions.  Who knows...maybe the campers and staff will come up with a new ensemble composition to perform for the families and friends!


dreary the dragon piano camp and Mouse & Bear piano camp

These camps are for younger campers. 

Mouse & Bear piano Camp

is for campers 4 to 6 years old. Parents are encouraged to attend some to all of each day of camp. We will follow the fanciful story of our Little Bear and Little Mouse as they and our campers learn beginning music with tunes on the keyboard, songs and games to grow in musical beginnings.

Dreary the Dragon Piano Camp

is for campers 6 to 12 years.  Piano experience is not necessary,  Campers will follow the story of our sad Dreary the Dragon and his misadventures as they play along on the keyboards with Dreary's Story.  This camp is a great Enrichment for children in the early levels of instrument lessons - books; Primmer. 1,  and 2 levels.

Both camps will have crafts, games, and activities.