Trash Drumming Camp - Ages 12-16+

Teens at the keys.jpg
Teens at the keys.jpg

Trash Drumming Camp - Ages 12-16+


Class day/time options:
   June 11-15 at 1:00pm

   July 23-27, 6:00-8:00

  • Ages: 12-16+
  • Meets each day in the week, Monday thru Friday

Class tuition is $190/week

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Trash Drumming Camp

Campers will use drum sticks and mallets to play on trash cans and large buckets. We will decorate our sticks and mallets and construct additional rhythm instruments from 'trash'.  Campers keep the decorated sticks and the instruments they make. This camp will run for 2 age groups 9 to 12 and 12 to 16+.

Campers will learn basic rhythm patterns in different meters, create rhythm ensembles with the studio's large collection of rhythm instruments, and be ready to perform an energetic drumming ensemble at the closing Pizza Party.  Family and friends are welcome at the closing Pizza Party.

When you register you will receive a list of "trash" items that may be around your home.  Campers should look for items on or like the list to bring for instrument construction materials to share with the other campers. Assembly and decoration materials provided.