Sunshine® - Year 2 - Session A


Sunshine® - Year 2 - Session A


Class day/time options: Saturday morning - 10:15 or 11:15, chosen by new registrants.

  • Age: 3-5 years

  • Average 50min per class (+/- 5min)

  • Meets each week until the end of the quarter

Class tuition is $506 for the fall quarter. Additional children in the same family and section receive a $25 discount.

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Sample of 9 months of Sunshine class materials!

Sample of 9 months of Sunshine class materials!

Sunshine® - 2

  • Review and continuing development of: keyboard geography and rhythm through MYC’s unique keyboard “critters”, Identification and use of dynamics (loud and quite sounds) and listening to a rhythm pattern and writing it

  • Expanded note reading in treble clef and bass clef

  • Coordination of LH and RH playing

  • Scale playing with harmonizing bridge chords in C Major, a minor and G Major

  • Identification of melodic patterns

  • Introduction to staccato (detached) and legato (smooth) touches

  • Information about famous composers in child size bites

When Sunshine 2 is completed our Sunshine's graduate to Sunbeams 2 class.

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