Sunbeams® - Year 2 - Session A


Sunbeams® - Year 2 - Session A


Class day/time options: Tuesday 5pm, and Saturday morning - 10:15 or 11:15, chosen by early registrants

  • Age: 5-6 years

  • Average 50min per class (+/- 5min)

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Sample of 9 months of Sunbeams class materials!

Sample of 9 months of Sunbeams class materials!


  • Study of seven different keys with key signatures.

  • Two note bridge chords grow to three note full chords.

  • Coordination of left hand and right hand in playing broken chords with a melody.

  • Coordination in hand-over-hand (crossing over) pieces.

  • Grand staff reading expands to include notes from low G in bass clef to high G in treble clef.

  • Staccato (detached) and legato (smooth) touches are explored.

  • Harmonization (adding chords to a melody) and transposition (moving from one key to another) are important study elements this year.

  • Continued listening to identify and use dynamics (loud and quiet sounds), rhythm patterns and accompaniment styles.

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