Kids at the Ukulele


Kids at the Ukulele


Class day/time options: Level 1 - Mondays at 4pm. Taught by Megan

  • Ages: 9 thru 12

  • Average 50min per class (+/- 5min)

  • Meets 10-12 times per quarter, depending on the quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring)

Class tuition is $300/quarter with a material fee of $55 for first book and materials, due with first quarter's tuition.

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 Kids At the Ukulele

The Ukulele is a great place for children who want to play guitar to start! Our experience with children with guitar under the age of 12 has brought us to encouraging parents and their interested child at beginning with the ukulele. Because of the lesser tension and space on the ukulele strings the younger child is able to gain skill, with better technique, more easily.

Our Kids At the Ukulele class covers the same foundations as guitar only with the few adjustments for the strumming placement, and tuning. Because of the different tuning between the guitar and ukulele the chord names to ‘shape’ differ but the chord ‘shapes’ easily transfer between these instruments.

Parents do consider taking this class with your child - it’s great to set the regular time at home for reviewing together and assists the growing child to develop the pattern of self practice/study! Children love to have set one-on-one time with you. You may share your child’s books and your tuition is $50 off/month! You both do need a ukulele. We recommend you get a Concert or Tenor size and your child can use a Soprano or Concert size.

Parents, although you may not be attending class with your child they need your assistance in having time, space, and a way to regularly use the CD in at home review. An excellent activity to do 2 times each week is to have your child demonstrate how to do everything from the last class for you, and then you try to follow their instructions on the ukulele. Please get a clip-on tuner designed specifically for ukuleles – it works the best for this age group. Students receive a course book a chord booklet and handouts. A CD is included in the course book and parents must help and encourage their child in using the CD – especially through the whole the first session!

Highly motivated younger children ages 5 and 6 may attend Kids At the Ukulele with a parent accompanying them to all class meetings. Schedule a meeting with an instructor to learn more.

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Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels