Kids at the Keys & Kids at the Ukulele

"Kids" classes are available for Kids ages 7 to 12 years. Sometimes Parents take these classes with their children. It can be a fun Dad and Me outing. We have Kids at the Keys, and Kids at the Ukulele.

Kids at the Keys Class Information

If not offered this session Please contact us and request to be placed on a wait list. 

Kids at the Keys is a great way for grade school children to get started in lessons or to add enrichment to traditional lessons. The class has solid piano skills emphasized in every class time. Students learn to quickly play along with the accompaniments on the CD (flash drive available) and to play with each other in duets and ensembles! Students who complete this series are ready to begin individual instruction and have the framework to enjoy more developed playing in their first individual lessons!

  • Ages: 7 to 12

  • Duration: Continuous quarters through 2 books.

  • Class Length: 45 minutes

We use a group environment in our recreational approach.   Students learning to play while having fun with friends learning to play contemporary stylings. This nationally recognized piano program will have your 7 to 12 year old playing from the very first class. Students in their first years of individual lessons really enjoy all the music and activities of class while they grow in their music skills and music foundations. Students will experience the fun of playing in their own Piano Band. This group environment provides many positive musical and non-musical benefits including the development of visual tracking, mental concentration, and listening skills as they learn to blend together as an ensemble. Improvisation, composition and other expressive activities are encouraged and will have your child looking forward to each week as they make music with their friends.

Our Kids at the Keys students:

  • Learn to read music

  • Enjoy playing chords charts in contemporary styles they are accustomed to hearing and singing

  • Discover the joy found in playing duets and ensembles as they make music with others

  • Explore improvisation and the fun of creating their own music

  • Develop their listening skills through a variety of voicing, styles, and orchestration

  • Experience Drumming in 2 or 3 classes

  • May bring a friend to visit 1 class

  • Try their hand at drawing musical symbols

  • And more…


Kids at the Ukulele Class Information -

Students need a Soprano, Concert, or Tenor size Ukulele. At our summer events we have been enjoying helping kids play on our Ukulele's.  With the decreased tension on the strings with the small instrument it is much easier for younger children to have success. 

As with all of our classes we are after fun and foundations. We use age appropriate materials and classroom activities to aid in the child learning to play the Ukulele.  An instrument is mandatory for each student. Parents, although you may not be attending class with your child they need your assistance in having time, space, and a way to regularly use the CD/Audio Download in at home review (daily practice). An excellent activity to do 2 times each week is to have your child demonstrate how to do everything from the last class for you, and then have them teach you on the ukulele.

Please get a clip-on tuner designed specifically for ukulele’s – it works the best for this age group. Students receive a course book, a chord booklet, and handouts. A CD/digital download is included in the course book and parents must help and encourage their child in using the audio recordings – especially through the whole the first session!

  • Ages: 7 to 12 years

  • Duration: Quarterly

  • Class Length: 45 minutes

  • Class Size: 3 to 8 students

Highly motivated younger children ages 5 and 7 may attend Kids at the Ukulele with a parent accompanying them to all class meetings. Schedule a meeting with an instructor to learn more.


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