Individual Lessons

We do encourage starting you or your child’s musical growth with our classes.

The time comes when taking individual lessons becomes central to advancing music skill development. At Mapleford we have a very limited number of individual lesson times available.

Individual lessons involve reviewing your assigned music pieces, songs and some times workbooks or worksheets at home 6 days a week. One day a week you will meet with your music lesson teacher for 25 minutes where they will assist you in becoming better at your music.

Our desire is to help students by nurturing their growth in musical skill and teach them how to use their music for their own enjoyment and, if they wish, in their community. We encourage students to participate in school, church, and community organizations with their growing music skills. These experiences give purpose and understanding to the lessons, practice, and the offerings of the music studio.

Meeting the individual students’ goals is at the core of Mapleford’s Individual Lessons. Essential to growth in music is theory, reading common notation for the instrument, instrument technique, artistry of the music’s’ genre, some music choices by the student, and more. It is always exciting when the teachers sees the student become aware of how these foundations become tools to have a lot of fun with music!

All of our class teachers offer individual lessons.  Lessons at Mapleford are limited to the times when no classes are meeting. You may talk with your class teacher about taking individual lessons and setting your weekly time slot.

Individual lessons may be registered for by month at $125.00 or

1/4'ly session fall, winter, and spring for $360.00/session ($120.00/month).

Summer is recommended to schedule 2 to 3 lessons per month in consecutive weeks. Summer lessons are $32.00/half hour.


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