Mapleford is a growing community of music class students here in Rochester, Minn. We are families, seniors, teens, toddlers, and kids. We all have a common desire – becoming more musical!

At Mapleford we are very serious about 2 things… Fun & Foundations. Our catalyst to help you grow in music skill and have fun doing it, is building good foundations.

What do we mean when we say Music Foundations? Well, a foundation holds the rest up! At Mapleford we strive to have you develop the core skill set to have you grow in music, the foundation. Let’s relate it to a sport. Basketball, tennis, soccer, skiing, football, climbing, they all have a core or a foundation set of skills. Some of those skills overlap while others are sport specific. In like, music has a foundation set of skills. Some of those skills overlap to any music. Others are instrument and genre specific. As core skills become automatic and well executed, advancing skills improve and grow.

Music foundations are pitch, rhythm, & meter, (ear training), basic music symbols and geography of staff and instrument (theory), the best way to hold your body to your instrument (technique). When these are working – you have fun!

A personal note from Karen Welsh our Chief Manager here at Mapleford. “I’ve started this focus of music learning late in my career and I am very committed to the need of very strong content in a playful and caring environment for childrens learning. My primary desire is to bring very strong foundational music content to children before the age of 8. As always, as life does, the path we choose becomes more ‘interesting’ than we anticipated. So to for me in creating Mapleford Studio LLC. In the back of my mind I always thought I would add more classes than just Music Pups but I didn’t expect All ages. I am thrilled to be able to maintain my commitment to strong content in foundational learning for all ages - and we have a lot of fun and support each other in this music learning journey.”


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