This page is to help you copy one of our repeating events to your Google calendar.

First - make sure you're signed on to your GMail account in another tab.  If you're not signed on in this session, Google will lose the 'repeating' info.

In the calendar display of all our classes (way at the bottom) - you would scroll until you find the class of interest.  Let's say you're interested in the Music Pups class on Thursdays at 5:15

Scroll the calendar until you find the class:


Click on the class and you'll get two options - Choose 'more details'. 
Note:  If you choose 'Copy to my calendar', you will get only the first class session, without the repeats.


This will open a new tab, showing *your* calendar, with a box showing the event. 
Note: if you were not signed in to your GMail account when you clicked this link, Google will prompt you for your id and password.  When you get to the next screen, the event will not have the 'repeating' information. Come back here, and click 'More Details' again. 

Verify that you see the 'Weekly on day, nn times'.   Click on the three dots for options. . .


Click on 'Copy to your name'


Click on 'Save'


And the class is now on my calendar, too - with repeats.  Yay.


That's it!

If your class is affected by the studio being closed for a holiday or some such - remember to copy the holiday, too...

Below is the calendar of everything that's happening at Mapleford Studio.  Register early and often - we're looking forward to seeing you there!