The platform we're using for this website does not have direct support for a calendar.   However - we've added all of our classes and events to a calendar supported on Google.  There are two ways you can get these events over to your own calendar: you can either copy or subscribe.   But, sadly, both options are more than a couple clicks...

Here is an overview of both Copy and Subscribe - with pros, cons, and an overview of the steps needed.

You can copy the class schedule to yours.  We know this works if your calendar is on Google.   It might work for iOS calendars too - let us know!

If you copy:

  • It is a one time copy of the class as it is now. 
  • Your calendar won't show any updates. 
  • You'll also need to adjust for the studio holidays affecting your class (if any)
  • When the class is over, your copy will just fade into the past.

To Copy, you need to

  • Be signed on to your calendar in another tab
  • Find your class (on the next page), and click its link
  • Click 'show details'
  • Click 'options'
  • Click 'copy'

You can subscribe to the class schedule.  This works for any platform supporting the iCalendar format - iOS, Google, Outlook, and many others.

If you subscribe:

  • It will have the details of how the class is defined now.
  • Your calendar *will* show updates.  If we change the schedule of a class for some reason - your calendar will show the change.
  • Your calendar will automatically have the holidays affecting your class.
  • When this class session is over - your subscription will still be there.  When the same class is scheduled again, your calendar will show the new class as well.  To stop seeing the updates, you will need to delete your subscription.

To subscribe, you need to

  • Find your class (on the next page)
  • Right click on the class and select 'Copy as link'
  • Navigate to the right spot on your calendar, and paste the link.
    The next page has directions for iOS, Google, and Outlook.

For more information on copying a class - click here

For more information on subscribing to a class - click here

Thanks much - and let us know any comments or questions!