About Our Classes


Classes at Mapleford are small and provide the experience of making music with others in your first week of class lessons.  From the youngest 4 to 6 month old to retired active seniors we have classes which give you great foundational music skills in engaging and fun learning every week. 

Our classes offer musical foundations with-in three options: a Full music training; a Recreational/Popular styles; and a Traditional approach.  We find these options work well with the interests of our students and their families.

You'll notice all of our classes for children 7 and under are for the child with a parent or grown-up in regular attendance and participation with the child.  We also use developmentally appropriate materials for each age group.  The 2 to 7 year olds love the stories which are threaded through the music learning!

Our youngest students in Music Pups ® are 4 months through 4 years old and enjoy playing with music activities in Meter, Rhythm, and Intervals immersed in a variety of Styles, Keys, and Modes.  We expose children to instrument sounds building reference for future identification.  Each week we do group major or minor pitch backs in intervals, rhythm backs, and we offer each child the opportunity to do them solo.

Young students 2 and 3+ years old are able to join a Sunrise class developed by MYC.  Sunrise students enjoy the new activities in song, rhythm, and related crafts as we journey along with our friends Teddy, Buddy Croak, Mellow Yellow, and Buzz.  Class time is focused on activities for growing pitch and rhythm matching and growing foundations for music understanding  with "Bigger Kid" activities. 

Sunshine and Sunbeams classes are from MYC and are in a conservatory style full music program using the piano.   These classes journey the young child through the adventure and discovery of musical foundations, with piano, preparing them for any instrument study. Upon completion of the 4+ years of this program a child may prep to take an international music piano, or theory exam at level 1. 

 Our Mouse and Bear  piano class is in a traditional approach to learning to play piano for 4 through 6 year olds.  We join Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear in the adventures they have while learning to play the piano.

The MYC conservatory style music program continues for children 6 to 8 in Moonbeams for children 8 to 12 years in My Choice.  Students completing the 3 levels of these programs have the option to take an international music piano and theory exam at level 1.  We strongly encourage parents to participate with Moonbeams students in class regularly in the first months then about half time for the remainder of the first year.

The remainder of our piano classes are based on the newly emerging Popular Styles/Recreational approach to music learning.  This is the fastest growing lesson and class method in the last few years.  Kids at the Keys, Teens at the Keys, and Adults at the Keys are our class titles for beginning piano playing and are an enrichment class for traditional piano lesson students who want to learn how to play in the Garage or Praise Band style.  

Ukulele!! - for Children, Teens, and Adults.  The Ukulele is a great way to start on a fretted string instrument! Especially for the younger student under 12 years. The string tension is much lighter and easier to handle - for everybody’s fingers :-).

Teens at the Guitar and Adults at the Guitar are for beginners or those wanting to refresh foundational skills in guitar. All 6 string guitar types are welcome in this class. Students need to bring their own guitar in its case to class. We recommend a clip-on tuner for beginners.

Not sure?  You may schedule a Free Trial Class- a "Try-It" Class. All classes are open for a free visit with participation if a seat is available. If no seat is available you may observe the class. We value the opportunity to meet with potential students and parents to discuss questions that you may have concerning music study. 

From time to time we offer a week of "Try-It" classes.  We open a number of new level 1 classes for a week or two for students to Try a class.  It is important to sign-up or contact us to hold a place for you.  

Thank you for your interest in learning more about our music programs. We are excited about the possibility of working with you or your family. We love to hear what student's goals in music are so we can be sure to help them on that path. We are always happy to answer any questions about classes – just let us know how we can help you!

Mapleford Studio’s purpose is to help students, whether child or adult, learn music. We work to nurture their growth in musical skill and teach them how to use their music for their own enjoyment and, if they wish, in their community. Some students have a drive and ability in music which needs more challenge and Mapleford is there for these students too to assist them in their growth with a limited number of individual lessons.


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