About Mapleford Studio

Becoming more musical!  That's what Mapleford is all about.  We help students, whether child or adult, learn music. We focus on foundations to help you grow as deep you want in music skill.  You may be looking for instruction for your child or yourself. We offer small group classes in an enjoyable atmosphere, with strong content materials and teachers who lesson plan for their classes. We work to nurture growth in musical skill and teach how to use music for the students own enjoyment and, if they wish, in their community.

Hardly a day can go by without hearing music. It’s in all cultures across our globe. And you know, you don’t need an orchestra or band . . . you can start with your hands and voice. Creating music is one of life’s joys – for all ages!

Why Small Group Classes?

There are benefits to the various learning environments. The Small Group in music is beneficial since the student is able to engage in playing the ‘songs’ each week by playing together building skill at matching tempo, pitch, and rhythm - right from the start! We build camaraderie, support each other, by seeing how the other students are progressing we are able to see our own skill strengths and where we need to improve more quickly , we have fun, we laugh, children are able to do various music games and activities, the Studio has space and many resources the teacher can plan or spontaneously add to improve the learning. and and it goes on. Good growth in music learning always includes individual lessons and working alone at home reviewing the lessons material - the small group learning adds beneficial dimension to the process.

Our class studio is centrally located in Northgate Center, 2 blocks north of Civic Center Dr., up 11th Ave NW in Rochester. You can see our big maple leaf sign from the intersection of 11th Ave and 7th St NW.

Classes meet morning, afternoon, and evening. See our calendar for current days and times. Try-It out and come visit us! You are welcome to come and attend one class for free. Please let us know you are interested and what class you would like to attend.

We are aiming for classes seven days a week so if you like what you have found please let others know.

If you like to teach and have a good music background we are always looking to grow our teaching staff!


For information visit our classes pages or click below to contact us: