About Karen Welsh

Mapleford grew out of the lesson studio of our founder Karen A. Nelson Welsh. She began teaching piano in 1997 at the urging of a friend who had a full time studio of her own. Shortly after she started she found herself with over 40 students. As families found she knew guitar and had a background in singing, expanding into lessons in guitar and voice began. By 2008 she accepted the position of choir director and developed a treble middle school choir for a local home school association’s 200 plus student choir program. In her 4th and last year with the homeschool choirs she also took what became a 3 year position with the local Suzuki Association to teach monthly enrichment classes for first and second year students. Another opportunity came to work with the Rochester Children’s Dance Theater in their production of Polar Express. She conducted the childrens choir for that production. Three years later the company asked Karen to assist in the production of A Midsummer’s’ Night Dream. For this show a high school young women’s octet was directed and coached.

Around 2010 Karen began researching the addition of a class component to her lesson studio. Early foundations for young children became her starting point. Karen had narrowed her search to a few programs but had not been able to decide. The decision came by the very enthusiastic endorsement from an adult voice student and mom of a preschooler – The Music Class ® from Atlanta! Upon reviewing this new program of The Music Class she had found her match. Her plan was to have a small studio for the parent child classes and her lesson studio. A pattern emerged…. As she only intended to teach piano and only intended to teach parent and child classes now her class studio has grown to include all ages in piano, guitar and ukulele - and on the horizon having singing, drumming, and who knows???


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