Mapleford Studio LLC specializes in developing the skills for Music in Life and Community. Students from 5 to 75 have been enjoying learning to play music at Mapleford since 1997.

We currently offer individual lessons in Piano, Voice, and Beginning Guitar. Group lessons are also offered in guitar and singing. We enjoy working with 4 month to 5 year-olds in our Parent and Child classes.

We start giving individual lessons when a child can read and shows interest in reviewing lesson materials independently.

Adults enjoy lessons at Mapleford and we have fun meeting their personal music goals.

With our emphasis on Music in Life and Community, Mapleford provides our younger students with the foundation music skills for participation in K-12 and community youth music organizations. We have students participating in school bands and choirs from 5th grade up and have had great success in students auditioning and being accepted in community based youth music organizations.

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Recent news from Mapleford Studio:

  • Fall Music Pups and Cats classes filling up! Sign-up Today (8/24/2015)

    Join the fun and learning at The Music Class Studio in the Barlow Plaza HyVee Center!

    We have Monday Tuesday and Saturday morning classes and Thursday at 5:15 pm.

    A beginning lessons class is also starting up this fall at Noon on Saturdays!  It’s a great way to introduce your 5 to 7 year old (and yourself) to music lessons.

    Register Today at TheMusicClass.com Rochester.

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